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Antique Stained Glass Windows Apply in the Church

Antique Stained Glass Windows Apply in the Church

Antique stained glass windows –Is the color of the glass and stained glass, painted in the middle Ages in Europe in the middle Ages from the 10th century to the 16th century. Mainly stained glass windows used in churches, but also found in the rich local sites and public buildings such as city halls, although the example of glass secular life is very rare. The purpose of the stained glass window is in the church, both to enhance the beauty of their settings and to inform the public through the narrative or symbolic. Provides general topics of religion in the churches, although the “image” and slogans are often included, and many of the scenes narrative valuable information in the world in the Middle Ages.

The basic ingredients are for the manufacture of glass sand and wood ash (potassium). Melted and the mixture into a liquid which, when cooled, becomes glass. Glass color, metal powder is added to a particular combination while still molten glass. Blown molten glass can be in the form of sausage, then an incision in the side before they were directed to the paper. It can also rotate the sheet pontil be round (crown). The display window image by different pieces of colored glass arranged on the painted design on a piece of board of directors is for Antique stained glass windows. If accurate, such as shadows or outlines necessary, details the artist painted them on the glass with black paint.

To assemble the window, cut stained glass and painted and put in the design board, with the edges of each piece mounted to strip in the form of H lead (cames). This cames soldered to each other so that the plates are safe. When is a full plate, putty inserted between the glass and the lead cames to leak water. Then stabilized configured with full steel frame (rebar) and mounted in a frame. Have fun with Antique stained glass windows

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