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Master Bathroom Mood Boards inspired

Master Bathroom Mood Boards inspired

I decided to repaint our master bathroom on a whim. Remember that? I know it’s not a room that very many people see, other than my husband and I, but I had to give it some love. We (obviously) use it all of the time, so why not enjoy it a little more A LOT more? I’ve been diligently working in there: painting the walls, wiping down the cabinets, and scrubbing the shower. It’s coming along, but up until recently I wasn’t exactly sure where I was headed with the whole makeover (you know, since I started it spontaneously). What did I need? What did I want to add? 
Here is a glimpse from the painting progress. I thought it might be nice to show you a photo that actually demonstrates the difference the paint color is making since it was hard to tell before.

While I was in the middle of re-painting I became lost in thought remembering how beautiful the bathrooms turned out with the house flipping project. They were bright, clean and charming. It felt really good to plan out a mood board, select various products and then watch it all become a beautiful reality right before my eyes. 

Ideally that should also happen when you build a custom home like we did, but you might be surprised how quickly you have to make some decisions.  We really rushed on the lighting, bathrooms and a few other areas of our home. I’ve always had the urge to redo them lingering in the back of my mind. 

My Process
I thought it would be fun to make a few mood boards of my own (for some much needed direction) and to show my husband the potential. He isn’t the best at picturing an outcome; that’s where I come in. Visuals are helpful in convincing him of any kind of household work (I’ve learned that over the years). I’m not saying he will let me completely redo the bathroom. The chances of that are slim, but it isn’t impossible to update a few things… And gosh, it’s ALWAYS fun to dream! 

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