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Stained Glass Window Decorations Holiday of Passover

Stained Glass Window Decorations Holiday of Passover

Stained glass window hangings –If the tree was hung blown eggs Easter holiday is not it, decorate your windows with this craft Easter holiday instead. This ornamental glass Fu looks great Blu-registered to the window and even better depending on the different heights. In a variety of sizes of Lights should be allowed in a rainbow of colors at certain times, too.

What do you do for making the Stained glass window hangings, they are as below:

Step 1. Collect all the tools and equipment needed to make stained glass window of your Easter holiday decorating.

Step 2. Fold the cardboard on top and cut in the form of holiday Easter eggs so that you have exactly the same and joined two eggs by thin bones.

Step 3. caught a folded egg, and the use of a scalpel and craft punch to create a variety of shapes to be “colored” by the plastic. If not a scalpel to cut through all of the perfectly cut, keep them together use for the first time as a stencil to cut through both. This part of the craft festival of Easter is the mother or the father alone!

Step 4. Plastic pieces in a variety of shapes and sizes: strips, squares, circles and etc.

Step 5. Separating the egg carton to open them as you do a book and use scissors to cut the spine join (you may need to complete the edges where it joins the backbone of the egg so as to get the right shape). Unilaterally set and have your child apply glue on one side of the egg carton.

Step 6. Let your child to stick colored plastic, but they expect the shape of an egg. Do not worry if it exceeds plastic egg-shaped because you can fix it later.

Step 7. Now glue the other forms of the egg carton with egg-shaped cellophane.

Step 8. Click on the application of the two pieces together and your hands.

Step 9. Cut around the outer portion of the colored eggs glass, plastic trim any excess. Connect with pad or punch a hole in the top and hanging from a curtain rod in front of a window with a rope or fishing line. Have nice try for stained glass window hangings.

antique stained glass window hangings

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