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Tips to Installing Bay Window Bench

Tips to Installing Bay Window Bench
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  •    October 18, 2018
  •    Dilma Russo
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Bay Window Bench – Add a Bay Window Bench seat has always been considered impractical. First, you need specialized that have a window. Then, the seat must be custom-built by the cabinetmaker or carpenter cut to fit the exact width and height windowsill. Not surprisingly, this approach is costly and time-consuming.

Here is how beautiful building dedicated in just a few days of using the ready-made Bay Window Bench kitchen cabinets.

Start by building the base perimeter, which called to kick, of 2x4s or 2x6s to the same height with the existing board. It must be equal to the depth of Toekick locker depth, not including their door. Tighten toekick along with 3-inch screws. Check to make sure that it is level. Toe kick with some screw anchors driven into the ground or wall studs.


  • Keep in mind that most of the windows have air register or baseboard heaters underneath when deciding where to install a Bay Window Bench
  • Begin assembling a group of two over-the-fridges, in toekick. Focus units under the window, and then clamp them with their faces completely flush frames.
  • Cabinets used here have a solid maple doors panel raised, hidden hinges, honey tone maple spice finish.
  • Dig through the window of the first side and the second part to drill countersink. Make sure you dig deep enough so that the screw heads are flush with the surface.
  • After that, install the clamp and screw this wardrobe closet end to the window seat. Again, make sure to flush the face before driving screws in the frame is.

Check each end of the Council of Ministers of the level, and then install it on the wall with two screws driven into the wall studs. If necessary, shims behind the closet place to prevent the screw from pulling them out of alignment. Enjoy this awesome article about Bay Window Bench.

Bay Window Bench with long storage bench with baskets with tall window seat with how to build a kitchen bench seat with storage

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